April 17th 2009
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Great Britain
the MES Wonderware

Preactor International has announced that it has obtained certification to complete the MES Wonderware offer. This means that the British editor will give Wonderware users access to scheduling functions in order to have real-time information on the shop floor. According to a press release, both companies have been working hand-in-hand to propose full integration. Mikes Novel, CEO of Preactor is extremely pleased about this agreement which will open up a new market.
“Wonderware is used in over a third of world-wide industries. Most of them will be able to obtain significant gains with an integrated scheduling solution to optimize production planning.” JPG


for Order

Knapp, the Austrian equipment manufacturer has just validated an optically guided removal system for picking and order preparation. This new technology, presented to general public in the French SITL exhibition, is made up with computer software and a pair of glasses. Information is displayed in the operator’s visual field when preparing orders. An on-board navigation system indicates how to reach the target, where goods to be removed are optically highlighted. An integrated camera records batch and serial numbers, as well as bar-codes in the picking process. This makes it unnecessary to scan to validate each step in the process. Knapp informs us that Kisoft Vision was developed and tested this year under real conditions. JPG


sets up
Voice Control

Zetes has just rolled out its multimodal 3iV Crystal vocal solution in Hitachi Transport System to optimize picking and reception operations in its new warehouse in Waardenburg in the Netherlands. Everything is managed by Mitsubishi Hartmettal logistics (metal, carbides, and spare parts,) in this brand new site where the integrator has developed an application associating voice control and bar-code reading. Using Talkman T5 Vocollect vocal terminals and SF 51 handsets by Intermec, operators can now communicate with Zetes’ Medea logistics system. As soon as it is unloaded, each new article is transported by a conveyor belt to its designated zone. The operator scans the bar-code and the voice control system tells him where the product should be placed. The same procedure is used when preparing orders. Stef Wildschut, Hitachi Transport System’s Logistics Engineering Manager, is so pleased with the result that he plans to put voice control in place for other operations such as rolling inventory. Zetes currently employs over 800 staff and has a 178 million euro turnover. JPG

Industrialist, Senoble,
on Logistics

Iris Logistique is the name of the new holding in which the French food processing group, Senoble, possesses 82%. Group transport and logistics activities run by Gatilog, its subsidiary, are managed here in a state-of-the art logistics platform in the town in Villeroy, in the French department of l’Yonne (300 staff.) Without looking to declare war on STEF-TFE, the transporter who currently ensures 20% of Senoble's transport, Iris Logistique can nonetheless be considered as an alternative in cold-chain transport (between 0 and 6°C.) Complete service, including storage, voice control preparation, shipping and transport, combined with operating modes and just-in-time shipping (only full lorries) from Senoble to supermarket chains. Iris already has about ten customers, including Gü, the chocolate factory, or Michel et Augustin, making up 10% of the Villeroy platform activity.
Last but not least: Euro French Food and Comexo. “Our competitive advantage is quality, with a service rate of 99.95% for our warehouse. Our objective is to reach a ratio of two thirds Senoble, and one third other customers on the Villeroy platform,” declared Alain Perez, Chairman of Iris Logistique (formerly Financial Manager of Senoble for 28 years.). JLR

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