May 18th 2009
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The Netherlands
Rhenus signs
a 10 year contract
with Zooplus

The services company Rhenus Contract Logistics has just signed a contract in the Netherland's with Zooplus, an e-commerce company specializing in the pet market since 1999. This contract covers the use of a 35,000 m2 warehouse in Tilburg for despatching 13,000 parcels per day to destinations in the Benelux countries, Great Britain and France. Cornelius Patt, Zooplus’s CEO believes that Tilburg is an ideal place in terms of geographical location and cost to ensure the company’s development in western Europe. Rhenus has a turnover of 3.3 billion Euros and employs 15,000 staff at 230 sites. JPG


Deutsche Post
falls sharply in
the first quarter

The world economic crisis is severely affecting the Deutsche Post DHL Group which has just published its results for the first quarter of the 2009 financial year. Overall the world no. 1 saw a fall of 12.9% in its turnover to 11.5 billion Euros. Operating profits fell by 42.1%. “This drop is due to the collapse of demand in all sectors and all regions of the world”, commented Franck Appel, the Group’s President and Managing Director. The Express division saw the most spectacular fall, retreating by 25.9% in the first three months of the year, corresponding to a drop of 13.3% in despatch volume. In the same period, operating losses in this division reached 120 million Euros. Global Forwarding Freight also saw a significant drop of 18.2%. Its profits shrank from 78 million Euros in 2008 to 45 million this year. Only the Supply Chain division limited the damage with a retreat of 6% linked to the effect of negative exchange rates. In this context, the Group’s President intends pursuing restructuring measures.

stays on course
in 2009

At a time when everyone is preparing to cross the desert, it's good to have enough water to get you there, even if you don't know how long it's going to take", summarized Jean Schmitt, Heppner's President and Managing Director when presenting the company's results to the press. Despite the slowdown due to the crisis in the second half, the 2008 balance sheet of the independent transport and logistics company is satisfactory, with an increase in turnover of 3.3% to €550 M, operating profits that more than doubled (+120%) to €4.8 M and net profits of €3.1 M (+31.8%). Its cash flow rose to 9.6 million Euros and its debt to equity ratio remains low, in the region of 15%. In addition, the company has solid financial reserves (about €40 M capital). “We have often been criticized for being too cautious”, says Gilles Moutel, Heppner's Managing Director, pointing out that the company's net improvement in profitability was the fruit of major reorganization started at the beginning of 2008.

UPS is optimistic
despite a fall
in its turnover
in the
1st quarter

UPS has just announced a fall of 13.7% in its turnover in the first quarter.
This comes to 10.9 billion dollars. Profit per share after dilution and adjustments comes to 0.52 dollars as against 0.87 dollars in the same period last year.
Despite these poor results, the company is continuing to invest in particular
by extending its Worldport site, building a new air transport hub in Shenzen
in China, as well as opening new distribution centres for health establishments
in Europe and Puerto Rico. “We are optimistic as far as the future is concerned. These many improvementswill continue to bear fruit as soon as the economic situation improves”, commented Scott Davis, the Group’s President and Managing Director. JPG

Dentressangle weakens
in the first
The Norbert Dentressangle Group's consolidated turnover came to €670 M in the first quarter of 2009, a drop of 15.5% as compared with data published in 2008. At constant exchange rates, activity decreased by 12.5% The transport business was the one that suffered the impact of the economic crisis most. After a significant drop in the last quarter of last year, the business stabilized at -19.9%.
The logistics business is resisting better but has also experienced a fall off. It saw a drop of 9.2% according to the data published and 3.7% excluding the effect of exchange rates. Despite these poor results that reflect the economic situation, the Group is demonstrating the solidity of its balance sheet and is making savings that are enabling it to lower the company’s break-even point and keep its head above water. JPG
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